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ICSSC Projects Fellowship Syllabus

Welcome to the ICS Student Council Fellowship!

The goal of this course is to teach you fundamental software development and web development skills that aren’t normally taught in the classroom. By the end of the course, you will have the skillset necessary to create your own React websites and will have the opportunity to contribute to one our ICSSC Projects such as AntAlmanac, PeterPortal, Zotistics, or this Fellowship Website!

This is an asynchronous course with prerecorded videos, assignments, and virtual Discord support. You can work through the units at your own pace.

Disclaimer: This course is not for credit and is not affiliated with UCI.


Chase CarnaroliHe, Him, Hisccarnaro@uci.eduChaseC99
Raman GuptaHe, Him, Hisrxgupta@uci.eduramanxg

Course Units

1Fellowship Application, GitHubApply to the Fellowship and get your GitHub setup.
2TerminalThe basics of the terminal.
3GitThe basics of git and how to use GitHub.
4HTML, CSS, JavaScriptIntro to web development.
5Resume Review, LinkedInImprove personal branding and get yourself ready for internship applications.
6JavaScriptLearn the most popular programming language, JavaScript.
7ReactDevelop a website using one of the most popular JavaScript libraries.
8APIs, REST, GraphQLLearn about how to fetch information from APIs.
9TypeScriptExplore the programming language many web developers switched to.
10Open Source ContributionUse the knowledge that you’ve learned this quarter to make a contribution to one our our ICSSC projects!

Course Content

Each unit will contain a pre-recorded video, external resources, and your assignment(s). You can look through this material at your own pace at a time that is convenient for your schedule.


Each assignment will have a list of required tasks and a list of optional stretch goals for you to complete.

There are no due dates

Some lecture videos might mention a "Due Date"; you can ignore this. Assignments can be completed at your own pace!

Passing the Course

In order to pass the course, you must complete all of the required tasks on all of the assignments.

Course Platforms

Discord - Our Messaging Platform

All communication will happen in the ICSSC Projects Discord. There is #fellowship channel for your to ask questions.

Fellowship Website - Our Canvas

All information about the Fellowship can be found here on