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ICSSC Fellowship

Learn. Develop. Contribute.

A crash course on web development. 💻

Learn Foundational Skills

Learn foundational software development skills like how to use Git, Github, and the Terminal. We'll also cover professional development topics like Resumes, LinkedIn, and Interview Prep.

Develop Websites

Starting with HTML, CSS, and Javascript, we'll learn how to create simple websites. Then we'll move onto React, API calls, and more. During the fellowship you'll develop several websites and become comfortable with modern web technologies.

Contribute to an ICSSC Project

By the end of the Fellowship, you will use your new skills to contribute to one of the ICSSC Projects: AntAlmanac, PeterPortal, PeterPortal API, Zotistics, or even this Fellowship website!


Hear from former students that have participated in the fellowship!

"This was one of the best educational experience I have received. I learned a lot in this course and I am glad I applied to this Fellowship program."
- Yaseen K.
"It was one of the things I looked forward to the most outside of my regular school work :)"
- Audrey N.
"I feel like I've learned a lot!"
- Ye A.
"The fellowship was a great experience!"
- Anthony C.
"This course really helped me become more knowledgeable in the basics that people usually assume you know since you are a CS major."
- Michelle L.
"I learned a lot about web dev and Git and React and I'm really glad I convinced myself to apply!"
- Wesley M.
"I'm probably going to use what I learned here in the future a lot, and I'm excited to learn more."
- Tanush G.
"I loved building our own website and learning about HTML, CSS, javascript, etc!"
- Solvin S.
"I had never touched HTML or Javascript and I think that this course created a great space to experiment in this new coding space."
- Esteban A.